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Medical Laboratory Sciences

The student who plans to complete the professional course for Medical Laboratory Science 在 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) or at Baptist Health College Little Rock – Medical Laboratory Science  receive a degree from Ouachita should spend six semesters 和 complete the hours specified below. The professional curriculum at UAMS is comprised of four semesters 和 has a mid-August starting date. The professional curriculum in Medical Laboratory Science 在 Baptist Health College Little Rock is a 12-month program with a July starting date.  Please note that requirements of professional schools change, are posted on their websites, 和 often take effect immediately. Their requirements supersede 酸 catalog listings. Click on the web sites above to see requirements for entry without receiving a degree from Ouachita.

The Ouachita degree is awarded upon completion of the professional Medical Laboratory Science program. The student who wishes to complete a professional Medical Laboratory Science course at any other university or hospital 和 receive a degree from Ouachita can work out a comparable program in consultation with the 迪安 of Natural Sciences at Ouachita.


Course Study


  • 生物学 1014, 1024 (General 生物学 I, II)
  • 化学 1004, 1014 (General 化学 I, II)
  • Mathematics 1003 (College Algebra) or higher math
  • Mathematics 2063 (Elementary Statistics)
  • Speech Communication 1003 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)*
  • CORE 1012 (Introduction to the Liberal Arts)
  • CORE 1043, 1053 (Composition 1, 2)
  • CORE 1023 (The Contemporary World)

第一年's Total = 33 hrs

Second Year

  • 化学 3004, 3104 (Organic 化学 I, II)
  • 物理 1004, 1014 (Introductory 物理 1, 2)
  • History 1003 (World Civilization to 1600)*
  • History 1013 (World Civilization since 1600)*
  • CORE 2123 (Western Civilization)**
  • CORE 1022 (Concepts of Wellness)
  • CORE 1113 (Survey of the Bible)
  • CORE 1123 (Interpreting the Bible)

Second Year's Total = 30 or 33 hrs


  • 生物学 2014 (Anatomy & Physiology I)
  • 生物学 3014 (Microbiology)
  • CORE 2443 (Social Science Survey)
  • CORE 2113 (American Civilization)
  • CORE 2223 (Western Letters)
  • CORE Fine Arts 6 hrs (choose two of three courses from Art, Music, 和 Theatre)
  • CORE 4001  (Natural Sciences Senior Seminar)
  • Psychology, Sociology, Geography, or Economics (6 hours)*
  • Two Semesters of One Foreign Language (6 hours)

第三年's Total = 30 or 33 hrs

* Required at UAMS
** Required at BHCLR